TFSR: Anarchist Approaches to Psychology and EF! MAD Camp with Mango and Marin

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This week we are very pleased to present an interview with Mango and Marin, who are mental healthcare workers based in New York City. We are going to get into a lot of topics, including anarchist critiques of psychiatry, ways that anarchists can be comrades with people who have survived the psych industry, and the Earth First MAD Camp. Shoutout to Jayden for setting up this interview!

We had to cut a bunch out of the broadcast version of this interview but check out the podcast up on our website and streaming on all the apps, for much more information about how to access open dialogue style therapy and tips on how to start a MAD Camp. Also you can check out our blog for a list of further reading material from our guests, again at our website.

Visit the link for a whole bunch of links.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think this is the week I'm going to actually manage to listen to one of these. Looking forward to engaging.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Are you guys the actual TFSR people? And if so, I feel like a good way to get people into your podcast would be to write up a short post to f/podcasts listing your favourite episodes and why.


TFSR OP wrote

Yah, this is Bursts. Thanks a lot for that suggestion! I WANT to engage in social media, but on top of working and producing the show (and life) I get a bit lazy on that spec of things. So I appreciate the suggestion. Solidarity, Bursts