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Freux wrote

Thanks! I'll check those ones first. I saw the wiki podcasts but there is so many that I didn't want to go through all of it if someone could refer me to something close to what I'm looking for.


selver wrote

From Embers is another good anarchist interview podcast.

Citations Needed is a media criticism podcast from a leftist perspective, not necessarily anarchist, but it's probably the best nonfiction one I listen to.

Season of the Bitch is an all woman podcast that interviews leftist people, but also does episodes with just the hosts.

New Books in Critical Theory covers a lot of new interesting philosophy books.


Freux wrote

I've listened to Citations needed, Season of the bitch and Final Straw. All pretty much what I asked for. I wasn't expecting to enjoy SotB due to them being like 5 and kind of interrupting each others but the subject and info made it interesting nonetheless.