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Vulgar_Soda wrote

This makes way more sense to me than quoting some dead white guy. There's a lot to like here. Mutual aid was mentioned too. So ... as I understand it, "dual power" starts by helping people out with what they need, and then using the momentum from giving aid, a formalized structure is created in opposition to the state, and then using that organization, revolutionary sentiment is fomented within The Masses™, creating true change in society.

Which is cool. I guess. I don't see the step from "aid" to consolidating "power" as necessary or even desirable. Recreating the state but "better" will just lead to more hierarchy, more of the same oppressive bullshit. Why does feeding your neighbors need to be anything more than feeding your neighbors?

Though, the more I think about what the speakers were saying, then more I'm like ... isn't this just the same grassroots organizing that every leftist and their mom has always aspired to? Why the branding of "dual power?" Some big YouTuber is behind this, right? or is it ... TikTok ... or ...

:0 !!!

Dual power is a government psyop meant to destabilize raddle's economy! Quick, everyone, to the anarcho-battleships! We must defend the ghost of Proudhon, because something something he created dual power without even knowing something something Lenin * barf *


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I do think this is one of the better examples of less horrible but still bad dual power on second viewing I would say this could very well be entryist in some way. I.e. it's Leninist dual power that they learned from being in the Marxist black Panthers and then adapted it to anarchism but it still keeps parts where it helps Marxists and hurts anarchists with the transition crap and trying to create a state like thing.

I think this kinda dual power could easily turn Marxist if it were successful.


fool wrote

That's actually a good point about Black Panthers, while they were decentralized, they were largely Maoist, and heavily focused on dual power.

With Black Anarchists rising from Black Power movements, it makes sense that they have been taught the language of the Maoists that came before them.