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I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of anarchist-related-audio-projects for those who love listening rather then reading, either because of passion or because of need.

The kind of content I'm searching for is very specific: book and essay readings.

"Immediatism" and "Pointing Text" from Cory and Little Black Cart are hands down the greatest projects out there in my opinion, alongside "Audible Anarchist" and "Resonance: An Anarchist Audio Distro", both available on Youtube or as a podcast.

"Octavia's Parables" and "We Will Remember Freedom", respectively hosted by Adrienne Maree Brown and Margaret Killjoy, are two fantastic fiction-related podcasts.

If you know any other project worth listening please leave a comment, thank you!

P.S. Youtube is also a great place for audiobooks so feel free to add any suggested channel, like Audio Anarchy, as well as author-interview shows such as Between the Covers or The Final Straw Radio.



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kokoaitu wrote

For older material has a lot of stuff recorded.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

I heard about Anews Podcast... dunno if good. ;-)

I heard some of Resonance and they had pretty good, well-researched content.