Live Like The World Is Dying - Deviant on How to Let Yourself In

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S1E20 - Deviant on How to Let Yourself In: lockpicking, lock bypass, and physical security for times of crisis

Episode Notes

Our guest Deviant Ollam can be found on twitter @deviantollam.

Our host Margaret Killjoy can be found on twitter @magpiekilljoy, on instagram @margaretkilljoy, and on Patreon at

Some (but not all of the links) and such referenced in this show:

Non-rightwing gun channels on YouTube include Forgotten Weapons and InRangeTV Keyed-alike key systems are available from Hooligan Keys and Ultimate Security Devices Deviant's advice for people looking to get into the field is on his blog

the "Deviant Keyring" includes: FEO-K1, EK333, 222343, C415A, CH751, 16120, 1284X, plus Jiggler Tools

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masque wrote

I started learning lock picking recently. It's very satisfying, although I've realized that it's potentially a more consumption-based hobby than I had anticipated.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

How come? Seems like you mostly just need a couple basic picks and wrenches, the rest is fancy stuff, unless you wanna go as far as getting a gun.


masque wrote (edited )

The problem isn't the equipment, it's the locks. It seems like really developing the skill requires not only experience with many different models/brands of locks, but also (ideally) multiple differently-keyed locks of the same model. And the higher-quality/more challenging locks can be expensive.

I understand that you can bring down the cost by buying lots of discarded locks in bulk from ebay or a local locksmith or something, but there's still a certain point at which I'd rather focus on a hobby that doesn't involve going out of my way to acquire stuff.


chakarera wrote

Step one is if you have to—like if the house is on fire, throw everything from that little lockbox, which is about all the bits of precious in the house, and the gun in the backpack, get the hell out of the house. If you have another five minutes, well then you grab items like two and three, you know, you go—you step it down. The cats are like items two and three, basically.

umm... wtf? save your gun before you save the cats?