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An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Indigenous Action Podcast Ep. 1: Acknowledge This!
In this premiere broadcast we talk with some long-time Indigenous Action co-conspirators about their thoughts on “land acknowledgements.”
Guests: Amrah Salomón J, Alex Soto & Chizhi Jack
Hosts: Bonn, Anthony, Klee
About the podcast: Welcome to Indigenous Action where we dig deep into critical issues impacting our communities throughout Occupied America/Turtle Island. This is an autonomous anti-colonial broadcast with unapologetic and claws-out analysis towards total liberation. So take your seat by this fire and may the bridges we burn together, light our way.
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Music: ¡Alas! “Safety’s Off” @blacksnakekilla
#landacknowledgements #landacknowledgement #anticolonial