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bloodrose wrote

Yes, absolutely. Well, maybe it's worse. It's literal slavery.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I don't think saying which is worse is useful or important, the important thing is that it exists and it's unjust and must be stopped.


existential1 wrote

Firstly, yes (this isn't even debatable). But past that, what is pretty interesting given the content of the article is how some of the interpersonal expectations under Jim Crow have dissipated into more systemic (i.e. media-propogated) customs instead of direct one-to-one expectations.

The other interesting thing is that nearly all of the systemic barriers have continued to today, but in a more associative way for things on the margins, de-facto for the things that would have to be explained away, and legally "invisible" for the most deplorable things.


zzuum wrote

Literally yes, there is a book called the New Jim Crow by Michael Alexander... lol. Good research bud