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ziq OP wrote

Fanboys keep saying "It just doesn't feel like Star Wars" and I just figured out what they mean by that.


kestrel77 wrote

When Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn (John Boyega) go to Canto Bight, the Las Vegas of the Star Wars universe, Finn first marvels at its opulence and Big Spender vibe. But Rose, who grew up on a planet dominated and oppressed by the wealthy who marauded its resources, implores him to look closer. The one-percenters on Canto Bright achieved their wealth by selling weapons to the First Order. They’re war profiteers; their money is blood money. To Rose, and the audience watching through her eyes, their way of life isn't beautiful, it's evil—and deserving of destruction.

holy shit what. i wasn't paying attention to this movie because, uh, star wars in the 21st century, who gives a fuck?, but that actually sounds kind of woke.

for a story about a rebellion, star wars was always fashy as fuck. but who knows, i might pirate it.


not_AFX_lol wrote

I've seen it a couple times already and I can confirm it is surprisingly woke