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ladyanarchist wrote (edited )

Pay attention to the rules on the right hand side of this page: Reverse racism isn't a thing/ Don't quote 'facts' to 'prove' that poc are somehow bad.

Unless you are specifically trying to (sarcastically) demonstrate exactly what the "epistemologies of ignorance" are...

Charles Mills says it best here about white ignorance:

"White ignorance . . . It’s a big subject. How much time do you have? It’s not enough. Ignorance is usually thought of as the passive obverse to knowledge, the darkness retreating before the spread of Enlightenment. But . . . Imagine an ignorance that resists. Imagine an ignorance that fights back. Imagine an ignorance militant, aggressive, not to be intimidated, an ignorance that is active, dynamic, that refuses to go quietly— not at all confined to the illiterate and uneducated but propagated at the highest levels of the land, indeed presenting itself unblushingly as knowledge."



Thereunto wrote

I appreciate that you took the time to reply.

The mobile version of the site doesn't display rules on the right of this page (perhaps a feature could be added).

I never said that poc are bad. We should avoid characterising anyone based on race altogether. I advocate that broad-stroke statements like "black people do this," "white people do that" shouldn't be used.

I'm not the only one to feel that if we are going to make judgements, we should judge someone by their individual actions and those they associate with in good faith, and never by their race/ phenotype/ genetic legacy.

That Charles Mills quote is great and he has a passion with his words. If you substitute "white ignorance" with "stubborn ignorance" it works just as well.

A Brit can be racist to an Irish. A Somalian can be racist to a Trinidadian. Someone can be racist by discriminating against a family-line that have distinctive/characteristic noses. I don't know what "reverse racism" is but racism is any discrimination based on race.


ladyanarchist wrote

The most important part of the Charles Mills quote is specifically his reference to "white ignorance". No substitution is required because it states exactly what is needed to be said.