crap about pixelcanvas.io

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hi, i gave up on pixelz cause the owner added anti-bot stuff and i suck at js. anyways, this post is about pixelcanvas. let's go

  • some weirdos decided to make a faction and bought loads of proxies.
  • they used the proxies to grief leftist art, which is rude
  • i wrote a bot that would handle the proxies us lefties bought very efficiently, which was extended with dark magic to do more fun stuff we needed
  • we're slowly crawling back, fixing the art and learning how to improve the bot

yeah it's still mediocre but we are in the high class bot levels on pixelcanvas now


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buzz wrote

how can i acsess it thanks, i cant find any links on the discord (grr)

placing pixels is sad

i wish i had a better avenue to make art

but dynamically and community

love you