some (mostly) leftist pixel templates for pixel placing needs coinsh.red

Submitted by buzz in PixelPlace

hi friends! some notes:

  • this is mostly art i made (i took the gun and raised fist from pixelcanvas)
  • i dont really like how the 'A' looks in 'RADDLE', how the raised fist looks, and how the star looks in the cryillic 'workers of the world unite!'
  • the centre right of the image shows a good strategy for removing swastikas, only requiring the removal of 2 pixels and addition of some more
  • the large amounts of cat faces in the bottom right is my response to the need for a small animal face of anarchism like the nazis have; the black cat face is a good symbol because it is black, its connection iww/syndicalism, the black panther party, catgirls, and people who like cats
  • send more templates and i will try to add them

thankyou have a nice day


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