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ziq OP wrote (edited )

reddit sold out to advertisers

You don't know the half of it.

From my What is wrong with reddit? wiki:

Reddit's management then lobbied threats at a subreddit dedicated to exposing bad marketer practices; for making anti-advertising memes.

They literally threatened a sub for making fun of advertisers.

I also remember r/anarchism years ago implemented some CSS that removed ads from r/anarchism and the mods immediately got warned by the admins for it and were forced to remove the code.

Reddit has always been controlled by ad money, it's just amplified lately because they're looking to go public.


StrongerThanEvil wrote

Reddit has always been controlled by ad money

That's true, and greed doesn't stop there. They have some... concerning investors lately. They applied censorship and other troublesome ethics before , but it won't get any better now with so many fresh millions of $ from one of the largest chinese companies around.

I mean, take a look at Reddit App for example. The ads are nothing compared to the tracking they have there. I'm pretty certain they're selling information to the chinese government (and others).

Also, I have the feeling that every subreddit is getting more and more toxic recently. So much, that I stopped visiting a few of them that I was still lurking from time to time.

For me, Reddit is dead. And good riddance honestly.