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eVc wrote (edited )

You can download anything from Spotify or Deezer with.

Spotify for Windows Add Remover:

You can convert your Playlists to Deezer Playlist with: and then download with Deezloader.

If you dont wanna go this way, i would recommend Signing up for a Private Tracker. Its probably the best & safest way to get all sorts of Music.

You can find Private Trackers who opened Signups for a Short time here:


jnono OP wrote

Yeah, I tried deezloader a while back and the quality of the rips were good but the choices of music sucked. They didn't really have anything I wanted. I tested it but deleted it because of that.

I'm an avid linux user so I don't mind using the "risky" websites. I'm not prone to those windows bugs and windows malware.

Trackers and torrents are good for new music and music that's popular. I listen to neither of those.