The DOS Trove - The 100 Games that defines DOS Gaming

Submitted by Aesbeth in Piracy

Hi f/Piracy! I'm Aesbeth, and I'm here today/tonight to give you a little something of mine.

Over the years, I accumulated a massive collection of games. And by that, I mean retro games that can be emulated or played on a toaster. And I want you to have fun with those.

As an appetizers, here's the 100 games that unanimously defined what was "Gaming" in the DOS-era of computer. In the coming week, I'll add more, wether it's DOS, Amiga, Nintedo, Sega, Sony, all the games company make you pay for today on miature version of old consoles.

Hope you have fun and don't forget to bring your friends over for a game or two.

PS: For those who are more into Tabletop RPGs, here something for you darlings! (^_^)


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