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Aesbeth wrote

The best I can recommend (and that I'm using) is Youtube-DL . Open-Source, in python, can extract pretty much 90% of YT with ease, in a fuckton of format, and it handle the "to MP3" download type (require FFMPEG on linux, dunno on windows)


[deleted] wrote


F_x wrote

There is "avideo" that doesn't use proprietary javascript, if you care. I can't even find a link to it but it might be in your repo. On my side, it wasn't update since 2017 so it might be dead.


asg101 wrote

I use downloader, works for most sites.


happy wrote

If using windows I like JDownloader. It works pretty well for me.

If using a Linux-based OS, youtube-dl is a wonderful terminal based application with very similar functionality.

Both softwares are open source and can download media from almost any website you can think of.