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sudo wrote

I asked a friend of mine who does radio engineering about this (I didn't mention anything about the leeching WiFi part, just that you wanted to pick up a WiFi signal from far away). He said it is possible to pick up a WiFi signal from far away using just a satellite dish on the receiving end, and no special equipment on the transmission end, but he's not sure if a mile is too far away (it might be pushing it, he said). He also said if the router is inside, you might have trouble picking up the signal depending on what type of wall the signal has to go through. Wood walls are ok, brick walls are troublesome, and reinforced concrete will be nigh impossible. Furthermore, according to him, you can't take any old satellite dish and use it - it would have to be a dish that is attenuated to 2.4GHz. Hopefully this helps.


Triconick wrote

Thank you sudo! I have been doing some research myself and so far you are very correct about the dish needing to be attenuated to the 2.4ghz. From my understanding, most will "work" but for the best results you will need one that is attenuated for 2.4ghz. I am going to start looking in my local junk yards Monday to see if i can find some cheep ones and start testing. I will keep you guys updated as I go.