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Triconick OP wrote

To your first question: From what I can see from build guides on the internet, It is very simple, and there are different ways of doing it. (One way is to use a usb wifi adapter, the other way is to "replace" one of the wifi antennas on a linksys wifi router. [ the antennas unscrew on linksys router and you can use a coax cable ] ) Also where i live (East coast USA [Small Town America kinda] If some one has a open wifi network, they are really not that tech savy, and they never check use or bandwidth or would know how.

I have not herd of a mesh network, but i will do some googleing, and no i have not heard of Freifunk, whats that?


lookin4 wrote

I am sorry, I think I can not offer a proper description or explain the ideas and goals in detail. Mainly because I am a non-native speaker of the english language, so it will surely lack of easy language and I have no profound knowledge about mesh-networking.

Freifunk is a grassroots-movement whose goals are to de-centralise and de-commercialize the connections to the internet and to promote connections among the participants to empower communications, file transfers and information without being dependent on the internet (and therefor commercial providers and their policies on which hardware you must use, for what purpose do you use the service, at what cost, how much privacy is granted, ...). With mesh-networking everybody connects with everyone, so there is no hierarchy and almighty authority who is in control and could act oppressor.

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