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noordinaryspider wrote (edited )

I'd be interested in learning more about Bandcamp if you feel like talking.

I bought a musician's right pinky toenail or something (David Rovics CSA[1]) but I could never figure out how to actually turn my money into music. I don't feel guilty supporting him one bit and he answers fanmail and is both fun and respectful. Of course I'm going to continue donating to the guy and scraping with youtube-dl, torrenting, and everything else I'd normally do because pirating a pirate who approves of, is aware of, and understands your piracy is just NOT a problem.

I would love any advice on getting my music that was offered with the CSA, of course. :)

He uses Bandcamp and Dropbox and I'm kind of a purist when it comes to software (FSF member[2]), but since I've got Boring Old Vanilla Debian on this thing, it's not a technical/piracy issue at all.

[1] [2]


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

according to their website they give back 80% of the musician's revenue to them, so it's less exploitation than regular cd companies. I thought it was more, I'll probably donate in the future..

I'm sorry I can't really help you get your CD from bandcamp, I dont really know how it works either. Dropbox has a linux client thought (also u can use it from the web afaik), so you could get them from there maybe, if the artist gave you a key or something.