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LostYonder wrote

I don't pirate books - I need the feel and smell of a hard edition, I can't read significant work digitally, it seems sacrilegious! Libraries and used book stores are my favorite places to hang out, though I do buy a lot of new books too.


noordinaryspider wrote

I would be the same way if I had stability. :)

Even a house that looks like the worst episode of that hoarders' teevee show doesn't seem to be enough. I'm kind of stranded here on Earth so I do have to download most of my books but somehow I'm always able to come up with replacement royalty fees for authors who are down on their luck.

The fact is, the people who write the books get the exact same royalty check whether you got their book after hours of fun browsing through the dollar bins at the used bookstore or clicking on a link at the Pirate Bay:

They don't get jack shit.

So yea, I download because I allegedly "can't" pay new book prices by society's standards.

That's why I CAN pay new book prices if it's a book I really need and can't get any other way and I am ALWAYS able to scrape up some sort of a donation for a favourite and beloved author with an unexpected health/financial emergency.

I know. It's a weird-ass way to live and you just have to accept people shaking their heads and saying, "wtf?!?!?!" a lot.

It's a book geek thang.