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Triconick wrote

I basically pirate everything.

Music: Yep, never once paid for music. TV Shows: You bet, I have a nice collection of shows that i like to watch. Movies: I have never once paid for a movie. Books: Not a fan of Ebooks or audio books, i like a hard copy. Video Games: This is a tough one, normally i do not have the funds to buy games so i pirate them (most of the games i play i pirate) BUT i do pay for games i really like or games that are 99% multiplayer (cs:go, cod, ect) I will buy when i have the money.

Basically almost everything on my HDD is pirated, even my copy of windows. Mostly this is due to lack of funds. But at the same time its so nice to be able to just download all the seasons of a show, copy it to the media server and enjoy on any device in my house. I can't see trying to rip over 100+ episodes of a show from DVDs to be put on a media server. I feel like that would take a very long time....