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mofongo wrote

I pirate music: I hardly listen to music, hardly search for it, and only listen constantly a few selected songs. So I pirate it.

I pirate books: books are expensive here, the cheaper side is a full day of income. Three days for most popular stuff. The cheaper ones, are out of copyright. I buy those. Everything else, pirate.

I pirate movies: except those that are on Netflix. I rather pirate stream, unless it's something I'd like to keep.

I pirate some games: Wii/wiiu/emulator. Console games are as or more expensive than books, unless it's smash Bros or Pokemon, I rather wait until EOL and pirate. On pc, they're cheap enough on a sale that I don't bother. There's also lots of free games. I only buy DRM free/Linux games, though.

I pirate background wallpapers: copy and paste is way too easy.