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LostYonder wrote

I don't pirate books - I need the feel and smell of a hard edition, I can't read significant work digitally, it seems sacrilegious! Libraries and used book stores are my favorite places to hang out, though I do buy a lot of new books too.


selver wrote (edited )

I pirate from corporations. I pay if it's straight from the producer & they seem to need the money, ie. I'm not paying if you're already really famous.

Bandcamp & Patreon are usually what I use to support artists.

And I buy books cause I like hard copies.

Edit: But also it's all dependent on me having disposable income now. When I didn't have the money I'd just pirate it all, and then try to give back when I could


db0 wrote (edited )

Lately I do not pirate much because I have enough disposable income to cover my modest needs and receive convenience and less chance of malware. I spend something like 25 per month for Google Music and Netflix for 3 people, and maybe 50$ per steam sale.


gone wrote (edited )

That's a wonderful choice on your part ethically. I think you could spend less money and increase the good you are doing by making different choices than those corporations (Google and Netflix) but somebody else is going to have to help you with that.

You have a great day.


thekraken wrote (edited )

I'll pay for things made by indie devs / small bands that make music I like / etc. The minute it's produced by a publicly traded corporation, or large private entity, I view it as immoral to pay for it, as I feel those kind of organizations are antithetical to the individual and ought to be suppressed as they no longer serve humanity but are instead a way for the greedy to oppress the poor without it affecting their consciences (i.e. "The Company did that, not me, I'm not a bad person.)

Fuck em.


martasultan wrote

I pirate music & books since I don't often find ethical alternatives; I do not pirate games or software because I use /f/freeasinfreedom software, negating any need for piracy in the first place.

I might start using bandcamp for music if I can figure out how to pay online.


surreal wrote

sadly i gave up to spotify, after losing 1TB of music i've gathered over the years, some albums i can't find on torrents anymore. and youtube is not an option as quality really matters if you listen to music 12+ hours everyday.


[deleted] wrote


surreal wrote

nice ty, i was thinking of remaking my library. my hard disk died though and i have only a 240g SSD atm with the system. not sure what is worth to buy.


mofongo wrote

I pirate music: I hardly listen to music, hardly search for it, and only listen constantly a few selected songs. So I pirate it.

I pirate books: books are expensive here, the cheaper side is a full day of income. Three days for most popular stuff. The cheaper ones, are out of copyright. I buy those. Everything else, pirate.

I pirate movies: except those that are on Netflix. I rather pirate stream, unless it's something I'd like to keep.

I pirate some games: Wii/wiiu/emulator. Console games are as or more expensive than books, unless it's smash Bros or Pokemon, I rather wait until EOL and pirate. On pc, they're cheap enough on a sale that I don't bother. There's also lots of free games. I only buy DRM free/Linux games, though.

I pirate background wallpapers: copy and paste is way too easy.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

I bought a cd on bandcamp recently, I odnt feel guilty buying on there.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

according to their website they give back 80% of the musician's revenue to them, so it's less exploitation than regular cd companies. I thought it was more, I'll probably donate in the future..

I'm sorry I can't really help you get your CD from bandcamp, I dont really know how it works either. Dropbox has a linux client thought (also u can use it from the web afaik), so you could get them from there maybe, if the artist gave you a key or something.


ziq wrote (edited )

I pirate everything. Unless it's like a self-published book sold in limited quantities by the author, or a homebrew videogame sold by its developer for dead consoles / linux.


Yoshii wrote

I try not to, but I end up doing so most of the time. Movies, music, and games tend to be not up to my standards so I demo them and delete them, only costing me time and bandwidth. When I actually like something I will buy it when I have the spare cash. I absolutely love the feel of physical books, so I try to buy those but generally hold off because of how expensive they are.

In a world where the majority is impoverished, saving money on overpriced media mediums (fun wordplay) is kind of necessary.


Aesbeth wrote

I pirate music, and usually buy it when I know my cash goes directly to the artist.

I pirate books because I like to have a shitton of books with me at all time. I know I can give them to anyone because it's data. And if something is really good, I'm not against buying it.

I pirate movies, because let's be honest, a lot of movies sucks, theatres are expensive, and why would i have to schedule myself to see something that will be available later in a more convinient way?

I pirate games, because I'm in retro-gaming and indies. I'd rather give cash to a bunch of small teams making great games, and spend time showing hidden retro gems to friends than spending time on the latest AAA game.


Erebus26 wrote

If i like the game enough i'll buy it, if not i just delete it and move on


Triconick wrote

I basically pirate everything.

Music: Yep, never once paid for music. TV Shows: You bet, I have a nice collection of shows that i like to watch. Movies: I have never once paid for a movie. Books: Not a fan of Ebooks or audio books, i like a hard copy. Video Games: This is a tough one, normally i do not have the funds to buy games so i pirate them (most of the games i play i pirate) BUT i do pay for games i really like or games that are 99% multiplayer (cs:go, cod, ect) I will buy when i have the money.

Basically almost everything on my HDD is pirated, even my copy of windows. Mostly this is due to lack of funds. But at the same time its so nice to be able to just download all the seasons of a show, copy it to the media server and enjoy on any device in my house. I can't see trying to rip over 100+ episodes of a show from DVDs to be put on a media server. I feel like that would take a very long time....


tranarchy wrote

I'll pay for independently-produced content. I also pay for video games for the convenience factor and since I like to play multiplayer games that won't let you on the servers unless you have a genuine copy.


QPR1991 wrote

Stop with music as I feel the content to value ratio is worth it with the current main provider's.