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anarcho_pirate OP wrote

Ok, so if I'm not uploading for a scene, should I still emulate that sort of naming convention for clarity, or avoid it so as not to impersonate?


ziq wrote

Please put the date in brackets (2017) at least. I'm sick of renaming everything so plex can see the file.


nijntje wrote

You're not uploading for 'a scene', the scene is an elite club of nerds that uploads things. (that is still veeeery much active!) see the wiki for info.

You could do naming, if you're uploading something, if you want to make a name for yourself. It's not just the scene that does this, there's also people that release directly to p2p sites (torrent sites).

There's some discussion there because the scene has a few thoughts: it should be good enough (can't be sloppy), and it should be fast. They don't tend to do it for money or irl fame, it's often a big game, and is kinda fascinating to read into, you hear stories of people getting contacts with CD pressing plants, or with chinese factories nowadays, just to be able to get it out there a day earlier than the rest. On the other hand you've got p2p, people releasing directly to torrent sites, often private trackers. They're not in it for the rush. Au contraire, they're in it to build a community of people releasing the highest quality stuff. So if you see a good p2p encode, you can expect a single movie to be ~20gb. There's lots of discussions there as well about whether quality should come first, or filesize, etc.