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Ashy wrote

indeed it is!

even though there are far fewer people than reddit, i find people interact with posts way more

hope you enjoy raddle :3


IIIStrelok OP wrote

its a bit more empty, but raddle could replace reddit if needbe :)


Blasphemian wrote

Yeah, I tried to post a post on r/Piracy in Reddit encouraging people to use this sub more but it got deleted by the mods lol


throwaway wrote

Welcome to the newcomers. Here's free software lovers, vegans, post-left anarchist types that seem to dodge every ideological label you throw at them, a lot of even more odd but clever types and all of them (almost, I assume) are pirates at heart.

It's a good idea to read the wiki.


IIIStrelok OP wrote (edited )

its like reddit meets dodi's site aesthetic, kinda