Submitted by cyberrose in Piracy

Hey is there some good spotify downloader currently working? The telegram bot is no more living and I can't find a downloader actually downloading from spotify.



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sirlancelot wrote

are these downloaders downloads directly from spotify or they just convert the audio from youtube?


Blasphemian wrote

No they don't rip from Spotify, they just search for and download the same songs on other platforms like Deezer


isvarahparamahkrsnah wrote

I didn't know spotify downloaders existed


Blasphemian wrote

They dont, you cant rip from spotify as all their content is encrypted. So called "Spotify Rippers" just crawl the web for the same songs your looking for in Spotify.

You should try Deemix you can connect your Spotify account to it and it will find the same songs on Deezer and rip them from Deezer