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This is just in the idea stage right now but I really want to have an updated repository of piracy sources and want to see if there would be interest from others to work on something like that. The first step would be creating a discord just to chat about this project/idea.

The goal is to gather a solid list of sites/forums and other sources. I know of awesomepiracy but I want to make it easier for user submissions.

If you like piracy and creating lists/organizing data and finding new sources/links for content and would be interested please send me a message.



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orange wrote

I'm interested, although discord sucks. Just wondering if this will be in addition to or different from the resources compiled in w/piracy?


ubervoid OP wrote

It would be in addition to the resources compiled here. Discord would mainly be to have discussions, especially if we get a decent group of people interested.


f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote

I'm interested, but I will not use Discord, if we decide for a private group chat I'll join. I love organizing stuff and gathering information.


ubervoid OP wrote

Do you have any suggestions for non discord group chats that are private?


f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote (edited )

I would say or Keybase, whichever y'all prefer. We could use GitHub for the technical stuff too, although I still don't finish to understand the project.