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So ur a trolley driver but the tracks are just covered with children. Really strapped on. U just run a bunch over day in and day out. Now u can stop driving the trolley at any time. But there are a bunch of other trolley drivers ready and willing to drive so it won't stop for even a moment and to get off u have to break an old woman knee keep in mind an old woman who can't and won't fight back and who u have know for ur whole life who was allways extremely kind to u.

The only real tangible benefits are, actively cause harm to one of the very few people who have ever helped u out and were nice to u in life to get off driving the trolley but nothing materially will happen about the trolley running kids over. What would u the anarchist pick.



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moonlune wrote (edited )

does the old woman know she's indirectly hurting me? Maybe I could talk to her and tell her that I'm really sorry and I don't want to break her knees but it's really difficult for me to run over children day in day out.


tuesday wrote

isn't this basically the premise of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas?


Syzygy wrote

who u have know for ur whole life who was allways extremely kind to u.

I wanna be dramatic and say some shit like "I always hurt those close to me," but I really don't, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for leaving the trolley and being immediately replaced...

I'd rather diminish the whole system by one.


asterism wrote

No one is nice to me and gets away with it!


asterism wrote (edited )

Real talk though, assuming monkey wrenching isnt an option I'd stop because I couldnt live with myself being an active participant in something like that. (recognizing that I am often an indirect participant in that merely by buying shit)

Like all my anarchistic goals short term and long are centered around doing less killing. Even if it makes no difference ultimately. Because nothing I do probably ever will but I embrace that I guess.