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Video and Audio are now available for our second session.

On February 15th, Quiver convened its second reading group over Zoom. During that session, we explored the concept of “subjects.”

We started with the short excerpt on voluntary servitude and Reichian group fantasy from Anti-Oedipus. Then, we moved to the distinction between post-Althusserian interpellative social subjection (or maybe, Symbolic subjection) and Mumford's machinic enslavement.

Our conversation worked through political concepts of the subject, state, and capitalism. But we also wondered, how must we rethink D&G to confront the intolerable anti-blackness of this world.

This led to a truly rhizome of ideas, texts, references and resonances... here some of them:

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ruin OP wrote

Next Monday’s readings are on anti work and worth a look for anarchists. Links and downloads are available on the website (link in the body).

Would be great to have more folks with un-academic takes join in and speak up. It’s lonely out there.