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Well, it beats a fifteen cent spiral notebook anyway. It's why I'm on Raddle in the first place and what I need to be thinking about right now.

Ziq isn't Pat Farenga and they don't own the copyright on all of John Holt's literary works but they do pay our bills, protect our personal info, and spend a lot of time herding us cats.

I like what they have to say about anarchist parenting in this post even though they don't have lived experience and I put off clicking because I expected to groan, cry, delete my account, and smash every single librebooted X60 in this house when I read it and was very pleasantly surprised.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

This is me shutting up.


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ziq wrote

Probably not wise of me to use the word 'parenting' to frame my argument.


noordinaryspider wrote

Just delete this if you want then. I thought it was good, anyway, and a nice reminder of why we are here and what not-back-to-school used to be back in the dark ages when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the calender said "2017".

I'm on sabbatical. There's more stuff in pedagogies. Tequila_Wolf even managed to dig up a "Thank you for homeschooling me, mom, but I could NEVER do that!" article for Black parents who want to get all excited about volunteering at their kids' public schools so yea, whatevs, maybe there's some sort of a Raddle 4 Seniors where we can play Bingo or something.



ziq wrote (edited )

delete your thread? why? anyway I'm not a mod, I have no power to delete. I meant I shouldn't have used parenting as my example of archy vs anarchy because I'm not a parent.