I'm not inviting you to a celebration; I'm inviting you to a war. waldorfsandiego.org

Submitted by noordinaryspider in Parenting

This is what Sandra, Dayna and the rest of the modern Unschooling movement seems to have their heads in the sand about. The last thing in the world I want to be doing is constantly swatting my cub and telling him where he can and cannot go in the only world he has ever known. He CAN'T just go out to play because all the neighbourhood kids are sitting in THEIR living rooms playing THEIR video games, which are all proprietary and far more toxic than the ones we play around here.

This article as written from the perspective of a "professional" and I could not disagree more with the patronizing tone towards the "poor silly little uneducated parents who are too stupid to know that Little Johnny is screwed so they should let the professionals handle the toxic waste disposal and go buy themselves a pretty little puppy dog and do what their bosses tell them and stop worrying their silly little heads over their silly little mistake about forgetting to make an appointment for an abortion."

We can do better.


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