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OldHippieChick wrote

Absolutely. My youngest didn't wear shoes until he was something like four or maybe five. My back pain completely went away when I was a 24-7 barefooter. It's not a hill any adult anarchist should die on because we need you, but I'll see if I can find some of the resources I used to post about barefoot kids in the next little bit.

Here's SBL anyway:

and this guy was a conservative asshole even before Agent Orange started wetting the bed in the white house but he's only talking about feet, laws, and people' s ignorant stereotypes in his dead tree book unless it's been rereleased:

Etsy sucks now, but you can probably get past the no shoes/no shirt/no service laws by sewing up some cute little mocassins for your toddler/preschooler. Maybe I can find the patterns on an external drive somewhere.

Anywho....tfs and muchas gracias, amigo/a!

Thanks bunches, anonymous, I'd completely forgotten that this generation of parents needs to know this too. My "caboose baby" is a tween and my memory hain't wot it ussed ter be, lol.