Interesting article about semantics for those who wish to adopt babyscoopera.com

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I'm not anti-adoption and want to support you in growing your family by any ethical means.

I don't know if I'm really your great aunt or your aunt because I have never met my man-born brother.

I did meet an amazing human being in 2011 who has always insisted on calling me "Mom" until I don't even notice when I say strange things like, "My daughter's parents just disinherited her!" and I thought it was just good manners to refer to myself to her as "your birthmother" and try, once again, to play Let's Just Pretend This Never Happened Because We Don't Talk About Things Like That In This Family.

Knowing this year's 30 year old, she would be totally up for switching to "breeder", "disposable uterus", "unpaid surrogate", or something even more shocking and offensive if her (long string of expletives and Elliot Rodger references) "sperm donor" actually does succeed in bullying her real mom into disowning her and her artificial twin (no relation to me or mine) permanently.

I love my kids but they don't have kids so I've got to share all this parenting experience with someone because it's just too sad and funny and real to die with me and my poor damaged mom.


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gone wrote

dd30 and I just decided on "convenient slut" on XMPP. I told you she was awesome. :D