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Catsforfun wrote

sesame street, zoom, zabumafu, look into other pbs stuff... copmuter games by amanita design


noordinaryspider wrote

I highly recommend Minetest, at least for your oldest. It's actually a better game than Minecraft, which is so iconic to your ten year old's generation. I'm not a fan of Stampy but I don't forbid him either. My 26-30 year olds were screen free (at least in my home; their dads had other values, ideals, priorities, etc.) but I didn't see that as realistic or even necessarily desireable for my 10 year old.

He also loves Hedge Wars. It's kind of strange so you might want to check it out yourself first, but it's really fun and too silly for me to worry about any problems from the violence.

We watched a lot of Mr. Rogers when our local Occupy went sour (he was four), Reading Rainbow, very old shows like Bewitched and the Brady Bunch, and documentaries. He never took to the Partridge Family, but hokey as it is, it is a positive depiction of a single parent family and I think my childhood crush on Keith had less to do with how cute he was than the depiction of the oldest son-newly widowed mother relationship.

Don't rule out MLP FIM unless it really irritates you. It's a great show, especially for boys.

I'll probably have more suggestions after I talk to my kid. I'm not crazy about how much media he consumes, but he has a lot of people besides me looking out for him and steering him towards quality and away from crap.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

How young? My 10 year old likes Black Lightning. It's got Black Power. Illegal government expirements on the black community (it obviously happened). Strong female characters.

Troll Hunters on Netflix is entertaining and doesn't reinforce too many bull shit values. The team dynamic is heirarchical but his friends can and do call him out all the time.