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Fool wrote

If I didn't have kids I'd probably quit work and wander of into the wilderness, at least for a while.

Instead, I have to pay rent for this fucking expensive house, which means I need to work, and... I should probably sleep too.


Majrelende wrote

This makes sense and is extremely important.

My guess is that in broad generality, when people have children (who are very demanding of attention and resources) they become more enmeshed into social connections, and have a generally more fearful existence because they feel that they need to suppress anything that someone says might harm the vulnerable or impressionable children. That is, an acute desire for safety-- it isn't just one's own life that is at stake.

Since most people have or will have children at some point this is extremely important to address. As anarchists we may need to rhetorically emphasise some variation of "protect our children" to better approach success: "Protect our children from murderous police." "Protect our children from hunger and poverty, by coming together and taking our land and our freedom from those who steal with impunity from under our noses." "Protect our children from stress and emotional abuse." "Protect our children from the unhealthy mandates of civilisation." (Obviously better worded than that, and there are certainly better ideas.) There is still much consideration to be done. Do others have ideas?

Also, creating egalitarian social networks, home/unschooling groups, self-defense and so on-- connection for mutual aid outside of the state-economic system, might have an effect of making it easier emotionally to be a radical parent-- and also, when the state-economy threatens these connections, provide enmity towards the dominators.


asterism wrote

Sometimes I complain to my wife that I have very few friends and not much of a social life. Her response is to always tell me to join a "dads group". and like theres a lot of factors to it besides the "social conservatism" but like the last people I want to get to know are suburban dads. The few times I have tried to connect to some it hasn't been an enjoyable experience.