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bloodrose OP wrote

Just a big ol' hug out to all the parents who have spent nights panicking that they're baby might die in the middle of the night because they didn't lay on their back or their tummy or whatever the doctors were saying this year. Y'all, it's an enzyme. We can test for it. We can know. Like, I'm crying for sleep-deprived mama me of 7+ years ago who was panicking because her daughter would only sleep on her side. It's okay, we got through it and now we know why it happens.


zoom_zip wrote

i feel so much pain for every parent living with a feeling of guilt over this. feeling like it was their fault or that they did something wrong. feeling like it could have been prevented if they had just done something different.

i don’t know how, but i hope this is confirmed and becomes widespread enough knowledge that some of those people can let go of that feeling.