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fortmis wrote

they need to rule out the effects of isolation lol


[deleted] wrote


fortmis wrote

on the tail end of it, thanks for asking! it's just me and my congestion at this point.
the lethargy is real though... it's hard to get back on track after a week of lying down.


granite wrote (edited by a moderator )

I mean, lots of things cause mild brain damage. Starring at your smart phone for more than 30min. at a time does and millions of children and adults do it daily. Starring into a computer screen same same. Trusting a stranger to jab a swab up your nose or doing it without previous experience as a drug addict is kinda [slur removed], the aftermath of having brain damage for those who can't catch up with the english slang. I have a nice collection of tester kits, keeping them for future scams or possible historical relics to be sold on something like Sharkbay or pawnstars.