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Mirio OP wrote

germans, time to start lighting stuff on fire


Highway wrote

I'm opposed to superpowers but (👈 I've said enough to get myself in trouble with uncompromising anarchists there) if there's gonna be one I'd rather see it be Europe than China or America.


Mirio OP wrote (edited )



Highway wrote

America is completely neoliberal, lets corporations run roughshod over government. Europe at least smacks down corporations for doing things like abusing monopoly.

China's just far too authoritarian, government interferes in your life too much.


Kinshavo wrote


Europe is literally the nest of all Colonial domination of the world. If the world is fucked today is because they have at least 51% of the responsibility for it.

They should pay reparations to almost all countries and nations in the world.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Also, china makes you buy health insurance, otherwise you die of preventable illness. for example, respiratory cancer from all the smog in the cities there.

dogshit empire, doesn't give a fuck about normal people. I'd rather live in USA, before living in China.


Highway wrote

power per se is always prone to scallywaggery, it's not race-specific