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capitan wrote

He is also overweight and elderly. October is looking quite grim. I like it.


deadresonance wrote

So he was most definitely infectious while standing on stage, no mask, with Joe like 10 ft away from him? With tons of high level staff with access to both candidates having been in contact with him, testing positive?

There is still enough time for either or both of them to die or be on life supporting ventilators by election day, they are both in the elevated risk groups. Pence v Kamala? Just when I thought it couldn't get worse...


rot wrote

if all the prez's and vp's die off then i believe pelosi is next in line


celebratedrecluse wrote

is that the leader of the congress?


rot wrote (edited )

"speaker of the house of representatives" so the head of the house of representatives which is half of congress i think?


masque wrote (edited )

Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson both survived, so the precedent is not looking super great, unfortunately.


86944 wrote

Bwahahaha. Hey everyone trumps got it too.