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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

People who do interesting deep dark theory stuff recommended me this piece. I'm too tired to read it but I'm going to read it within the next week.

I've also been recommended a bunch of other cool shit I'll hopefully post in the next while.


_caspar_ wrote

Id be more interested in what this deep dark theory stuff is about, as Ive never really gotten anything described like that from Paul's writing. Ive nothing against them, but of the handful of essays Ive read they: rely heavily on topicality and a rhetoric of heightened urgency, generally describe what is bad about governance + technology (that was already more deeply explored by every other post-marxist/post-structuralist intellectual of the last 40 years), and vaguely describe what to do about it. very similar to the inhabit stuff that's come about more recently.

Im being ungenerous, but maybe Im jaded at this point with this kind of writing that wants to be the fresh take, but leaves alot to be desired.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Thanks for replying! I'm excited to read it and be able to engage with whoever's responded.


MHC wrote

This text seems to me long and vague. So I consider it boring or uninteresting.