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Mango wrote

lol "world first" jesus fuck does Forbes had hardon toward Israel or something?

Yeah no, TeaMp0isoN from Anonymous had a member TriCk, went to Syria and became a head chopper, to found his own cyber warrior. The GCHQ decided he was expendable and sent a Hellfire to his hideout after they tracked his laptop.

Israel is 4 years late to the game.

If you also count the murder of hagbard back in Soviet era as IRL retaliation against cyber attack, then yeah, the IDF is 30 years late.


neverinNJ wrote (edited )

So the video has the message -- We Love Israel and ignore the Palestinians so Jesus may swiftly return. Will Jesus, the personification of unconditional love, also ignores the Palestinians?

Save us from the Saved!

I’m not saying I know better I’m just saying we don’t know Til the day we get an answer I go where my heart says go It’s a narrow-minded Jesus I see reflected in your eye He was all about compassion If he knew you, he would cry