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ziq OP wrote


conservative_raddle_fan wrote

!!!Full disclosure: My mother was jewish.

Saying Israel is fascist is VERY anti-semitic. Israel has done more to fight fascism than any nation in the world. You think you're making a joke but it's actually very offensive.


RedditSuuUuUuUUuCKS wrote

Israel has done more to fight fascism than any nation in the world.

By re-implementing full blown fascism and a colonialism that would make the dutch swallow their pride?


supernice wrote

I made an account just to respond to the ridiculousness of you :)

My mother was Jewish.....LOL. This is such classic Zionist bullshit. "My uncles cat's favorite chicken flavored turtle neighbor Archibald was Jewish!" is how you guys object to everything. Get over your fucking self. I don't give a shit if your mother was, is, or is going to be Jewish. Your momma doesn't have shit to do with this.

Netanyahu is the fascist king of a fascist state. Simple. Nothing more to it. Own your shit asshole, be proud of it, don't pretend it's not what it is. You support a fucking fascist, at least have the guts to admit it.

Now go collect your paycheck from whatever Zionist hasbara firm you work for as you've likely met your quota today and go drown in a lake or something.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

You think you’re making a valid point, but it’s actually very offensive.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Also, how is calling a STATE fascist anti-Semitic?

The only way is if the state is defined by the “Semitic” race, which makes Israel a race based state. There’s a word for that, which is “racist,” which happens to be a cornerstone of fascist dogma.


geegaw wrote

You'd think a people who have been under the heel of ethno-nationalism (which Zionism is) should know better than to institute it themselves.