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Dumai wrote (edited )

the language used in this article is really weird (lebanon and jordan are "artificial states"? as opposed to what? this concept is only meaningful if you believe any national border could be a natural human boundary in the first place) and i have to admit i feel somewhat alienated by any anarchist who believes the solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict is "pushing for the no-state solution in palestine" - i may not know what the solution to imperialism is, but, uh, i'm pretty sure it's not attempting to convert its victims to western political ideologies, that's actually a pretty shitty thing to want to do

in fact i find it kind of weird that the author namechecks uri gordon as a proponent of the "no-state solution" since gordon has specifically warned against treating anarchy as a platform in the case of palestine! in the very same book herod referenced even! and i think he kind of has a point! that doesn't mean anarchists have to support a palestinian state project, but if you ask me, anarchists against the wall are doing a lot more to support palestinians than offering them a vague dream of a distant post-revolutionary world - anarchist action can be, and should be, a lot more than the prescription of a stateless society


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Nice to hear some thoughts on this - I was doing a little reading on anarchist takes on Palestine and Israel when I came across this and just posted it along with a few others.

I've been trying to think of the best way to approach some Zionists I have to spend time around and wanted to know about what people thought. I should look more into anarchists against the wall :)