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moonlune wrote

DRESSED IN MATCHING white crop tops, the Alpha Gun Angels arrived 20 minutes late to the opening ceremony of Israel’s Defense, Homeland Security and Cyber Exhibition (ISDEF), just as Major General Danny Yotam, former director of the Mossad, welcomed the crowd. The hot June sun beat down on the gray strip of asphalt outside Tel Aviv’s convention center, where heads of state, national security agencies, police forces, and private defense corporations sat sweating in awkwardly small black plastic chairs.

The Alpha Gun Angels ignored the ceremony and headed directly to the Harley Davidson Display inside the air-conditioned lobby, where they posed on motorcycles and fondled sniper rifles manufactured by the Israeli company MeProLite. Their impossibly long glossy hair was luminescent under the fluorescent overhead lights. A bearded man in a t-shirt printed with the Angels’ slogan—“Fire Up Your Marketing!”—live-streamed the scene to hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers on an iPhoneX. A group of counter-protesters locked outside the front gates called for an end to Israeli arms exports through a megaphone. Their chants drifted through the humid summer air.

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