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The anarchist communities in Portland have seen the new decade inaugurate some surprising good news.

First, the revival of Anarres Infoshop, which existed 2014-2018 as a radical mutual aid center, all ages venue, and anarchist library in North Portland, OR. Anarres Infoshop has found a new location in Northeast Portland, after over a year of uncertainty after being unable to afford rent at the old location due to gentrification. This location is far closer to transit and much less expensive, while not contributing to the ongoing gentrification of St John's by paying the local petit bourgeois landlords.

Additionally, the Social Justice Action Center in inner Southeast Portland is expanding their mission to include the operation of an infoshop within the existing space, available during regular open hours. Yesterday, there was a party celebrating the announcement of this exciting development!

In early January 2020, these two spaces will be opening with regular hours and making their educational, safe space, and creative workshop resources to the radical communities which we serve. It is Anarres' hope to collaborate with SJAC and other anarchist-friendly spaces in Portland to coordinate the financial security of existing projects, and continue to expand our footholds in the city, by forming a network of mutual aid among these projects.

Please reach out to us by email (encrypted through protonmail, if possible) if you are in town and interested in participating in our efforts, or making use of our space!

Love, Anarres Infoshop

firebrandcollective at proton mail dot com



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Nice. I'm looking forward to one day visiting you all.

Random fact: One of the whatsapp groups I'm in uses a photo of your infoshop as its profile pic.