Submitted by v__ in Onion_links (edited )

Creepy Sometimes, the things you see in the shadows are more than just shadows. Work your way into the creepy puzzle, but be aware things might get too creepy. 7 pages to find.
Alien Do you believe in aliens? Wether you do or not, take an adventure through crop circles to find your way to the end. 6 pages to find.
The Light The illuminati puzzle. Conspiracy theory or fact. From triangles to owls this puzzle takes you through the path of enlightenment. 7 pages to find.
It's time This puzzle is a lot harder then the past few. It is a 5 part puzzle with many doors to open. As with all puzzles you will be told when you reach the end.
Witches code Can you solve the witches code? Step into the realm of the witch. Solve the witches code and see where it leads, but don't get cursed. 8 pages to find.
Why Instruction unclear.


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