Submitted by Sun in One_Piece

Highlights of today's goddamn awesome episode as usual:

  • "You just do as you're told and you get your measly millet balls! You're given enough to keep from dying and you call that living? Open your eyes! You all are nothing but slaves!"

  • Without a second thought, Luffy does the absurd and shows pure solidarity by getting poisoned along with the prison slaves.

  • In doing so, the affected prison population realises that Luffy is truly in it with them against one of the greatest powers in the world, a power they have completely learned helplessness against - and the words reach them, that though they eke out an existence, they are slaves, and the smallest chance of liberation, now visible, even when risking terrible death, is preferable to mere existence.

  • Oda undermines Japan's isolationism and xenophobia when Luffy crushes the outsider/insider dichotomy in this move.

  • In being galvanised to act, the prisoners liberate themselves together with Luffy and the samurai crew, which sees the destruction of the entire prison town.



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