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Let me explain take mice or rats. They truly have an incredibly effective system of life. They steal or live wherever they choose causing massive problems and damage to authority. Yet due to their intelligent methods capital and the state combined cannot really stop them due to their methods and decentralization. This is an incredible feat and the average mouse or rate does anarchy in a way that most anarchists can only dream of being so effective and free. Not to mention mice prob help the system very little while causing great destruction.

This is true for many other animals who have successfully adapted to human society and survived an apocalyptic collapse of their natural habitat. Coyotes, raccoons, stray dogs, cockroaches ect. All achieve great feats of anarchy. If they were humans their species life would be well known and considered theory. But yet many humans give philosophies that imagine worse scenarios than some of these animals live.

Once I truly started thinking about mice as equals then I realized how effective they are at being anti authoritarian. I think its a good idea to think about animal successes and trying to replicate what makes them so successful. I think just watching animals would debunk many anarchist ideas. Mainly that being big and strong and violent is effective. There are a lot of strong animals who fight humans but they aren't nearly as free or able to attack authority like sneaky mostly nonviolent rats or raccoons.

You can just watch reality and get a good idea of what strategies work against authority and which ones fail. Idk, it seems foolish I thought the idea of the nomadic war machine was really thought provoking when the concept is exactly what makes urban pests so effective at subverting authority and not being controlled.

The fact is a average mouse does anarchy way better than me. And its silly for me to read theorists who do anarchy way worse than a mouse but not observe and study mice to understand their methods and theories when they have submitted lots of evidence at how good their methods work.

And to be clear I mean macro principles I don't mean live in the walls of houses and chew holes to come and go.



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asterism wrote

I don't mean live in the walls of houses

Well, shit. Guess its time to move out now.