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I do think this is a good question to ask because I have no doubt that liberals who run tech companies will have any problem viewing both sides and claiming raddle is a hate group of white people or Americans or something. So let's day a controversy existed where a media spotlight was put on anarchism for a variety of reason.

-ted kazinsky clone

-People get pissy at fresh new ALF action

  • riots happen and even more effort I'd put to show anarchist as instigators manipulating things.

-Anwrchist insurrectionary group starts doing overly violent actions like some Italian or Greek groups.

So let's say media spotlight happens and liberals start calling for blood and the need to shut done this "evil anti government hate site" down. How likely is it that companies just make it incapable to be run outside the dark web?

The daily stormer lost it's domain and now that Raddle needs a anti ddos service wouldn't cloudfare dropping Raddle just make it be down constantly from ddos? It seems to me that Raddle existing on the clear net at this point and time isn't garunteed and it's quite possible it would get shit down if mainstream media bothered to target it.



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moonlune wrote (edited )

Less than /r/LWSE, which got shut down a day after being in the spotlight.. RIP

If the powers that be want raddle down, it'll be down. The main difference with those right wing websites is that anarchists should be better at dissipating and regrouping elsewhere compared to bootlickers without their leaders. A bit like how tpb never really disappeared.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Yeah I think most of the major posters here know how to use Tor too. Some lurkers would be lost if Raddle went dark web only. But the point about leaders being lost is true. Plusthere are several places at once to hop to.


yetanotherusername wrote

I guess it would take a court order for that to happen.


TheNerdyAnarchist wrote

Cloudflare still booted KiwiFarms.

That said, it took a huge public uproar for each of those kicks to happen - DailyStormer and 8chan for ties to mass murderers, etc, and KiwiFarms was only booted because they fucked with a politician.


veuzi wrote

I have yet to see much of anything that would give cops a reason to seize the servers like with 325. But if it happens, it happens. I'll just scurry on to the next place.