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Showers are no problem, shampoo had no resistance but beds woof it's tough. For one my god laying on a surface that doesn't confirm to your lower back makes your muscles work a lot. Just laying for 30 mins gives my back a massive workout. Yeah I could put a towel but that just reformism.

Also my war againdt pillows and blankets Is loosing too. While I did win the position war where I couldn't fall asleep on my back with my hands on my chest like I'm in a coffin. The sleeping on too of the top sheet and using a towel instead of a blanket is hard. Especially bc my legs are sore from yoga I can't get comfy due to soreness.

Do I toss and turn until I get a pillow and go under the blanket. But do not worry raddle. I am loosing many wars but I will beat them back war of attrition style. And win the war on beds.



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catachresis wrote

Check this study out. A guy went around and studied primitive sleeping postures.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I actually ñoved this read. Thank you very much. Solves one problem though I do still have to get used to it. It's actually pretty comfy those sleeping positions other than me being skinny do my hip bone, shoulder bone and sometimes elbow are like directly digging into the ground.

Also I read s interview that I didn't confirm bc it wasn important that was funny as hell. It claimed that the writing grew up in Kenya and when he commanded soldiers he was a white officer of all black soldiers for the British empire.

The terrorists he claimed to be fighting were attempting to dispell British rule of Kenya. He actually is at least partially blind because he got shot for defending the British rule of Kenya.

Not super important but I find it hillarious that every story of a white person in Africa that isn't south africa I have ever read was there to murder black people or fund murdering black people. Well hillarious in a depressing way.