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So I decided it would be cool to organize my stuff so theoretically if in the future I needed to run in a short notice (sadly I doubt that will happen now since I"m not that cool yet). So I made a system to pack up all my things in less than 10 minutes. It can be much shorter by leaving optional stuff. Completely useless for me currently other than helping me keep track of stuff and making packing for when I move easier.

So I divided all my stuff into section. ALmost all of my stuff is in a backpack. With the stuff I often use at the top and stuff I use only occasionally on the bottom. I set it next to the nightstand which holds some books and my stuff for dental maintenance. I can easily dump my toothbrush in. Though all of these things if I forget or don't have the time I'm cool with leaving. Plus the backpack has a light jacket and heavy jacked tied on.

Now my second bag, its for paperwork and information that is usefull, plus to hold my computer. I have it set up next to it so I can quickly add laptop, charger and depending on time keyboard and mouse which can be left to save time and weight.

Then I have my "firefighter pants" set on a side table because I like to wear short shorts which don't have good pockets. So while I like them it is problematic to not have my pockets. I have a variety of things that makes day to day life continent and can save u in some tough spots. Plus being able to hold my phone is nice. SO I have it set up with a belt in the loops so I can just put the pants on over my shorts and then I have all the stuff in the pockets.

Now that has covered all my stuff other than TP, water bottle, phone charger, extra bags, some liquid soap, hat with headlight and some alcohol. So now comes a neat part. So clothes and food is unnecessary most times so it can be left but I also set it up so its easy to pack. My clothes are set into two folded piles in the closest on the top shelf. So you grab a bunch then shove it in a bag plastic bag.

One grab for socks, shirts, shorts, pants, heavy shirts, and underwear. All fits in the bag and packing is easy since its all foled in a way thats easy to shove in the bag. Then I leave almost all of my food on a nearby table with a bag that can fit most of it. So its easy to just grab the bag and dump the food in. And as long as the food bag inst too heavy the two plastic bags can be tied to my backpack. And all my other bits and bobs I mentioned are on the table to be dumped in with food.

So lets say I needed to leave really fast and couldn't take much weight it would be dump computer in bag with paperwork no charger. Grab my phone. Put my firefighter pants on then grab my full waterbottle and a thing of nuts.

Now if I had to leave fast but could take some weight. I would do that same but bring my backpack. And then if I can afford to take the weight and have 5 minutes then I could take everything. But honestly the bigger issue with this would be my fitness rather than the packing speed. IF I had to leave fast the weight would slow me down so much. So I feel weight is a greater constraint to work on at this point.

In case you're wondering I used to have lots more stuff, mostly tools or stuff I was prepping plus some fun consumer goods and a lot more clothes. But I left all that because it wasn't worth me dragging around. Which I"m not exactly upset about as its cool to not have much and life be pretty simple. But it is more weird.

Going from more prepared with lots of stuff to more mobile with less stuff is a interesting dynamic. I think both are important to learn so I'm really appreciating learning how to live light and simple as that is important sometimes and sometimes having the materials is important. So knowing both is good, so I"m not upset at all. Either way your ability to do stuff is hampered in some ways and enhanced in others.



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stagn2 wrote

Cool, how much do these bags weigh?